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Forward Hydro is the China based leader in hydropower and power distribution materials throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa & South America. Forward Hydro provides micro, mini and small hydro power plants. Forward Hydro also has vast experience with a range of power distribution networks, supplying the Oil, Gas, Utility & Mining industries in the China & Overseas.

Forward Hydro operate by supplying complete hydro power plants up to a capacity of 50 MW per unit and distribution networks between 240v – 132kV. We can design your entire water to wire solution and electrical distribution network & supply all the required materials to get your project live, whatever the size.

We manufacture all important types of turbines, i.e. Kaplan, Francis, Pelton and overhead line materials, power transformers, substations, accessories & low voltage equipment, for a comprehensive, fully compatible, care free installation.

At our China facilities we manufacture all the materials required for implementing a new hydropower plant and distribution system. Turbines, generators, control systems, wooden & steel poles, power transformers, overhead line hardware, are all held in our warehouses for a quick delivery to site for short delivery worldwide.


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is the global leader in the manufacture of mechanical samplers, sample preparation equipment and analytical instruments for various applications. 
Established in1992, CKIC has grown from a small private company based in Changsha, China to a highly successful public enterprise listed on the Chinese Stock Exchange with over 800 employees around the world

Quality is built-in to all our processes with ISO9001:2008 certification. Our network of engineering, manufacturing, service, customer training and testing experts work together to exceed your expectations. Customers in over 50 countries offer proof of our commitment to excellent design and cost efficiency.