Forward Hydro Kaplan Turbines

Vertical shaft
Head: 1.7-40 m
Output: 20 kW up to 50 MW
Runner diameter: 40-500 cm

Forward’s Kaplan Turbines are a series of double regulation highly efficient hydro power generation units. These turbines are the best solution for low pressures with high flow hydropower. With over 65 years experiences on Kaplan turbines we are providing individualized design at state-of-the-art technology, lowest maintenance and longest lifespan and secures extraordinary profitability.

  • Blading no.: 3-7
  • Runner blades hydraulically controlled
  • Spiral type: concrete spiral
  • Runner made of abrasion-proof stainless steel
  • Available as Complete System Packages
  • Transmission: Direct drive or belt drive
  • Automated Push-Button Controls Available
  • All parts are rigorously tested before delivery


The In-Line Hydro turbines are specifically optimized for conduit energy recovery applications. With simplified installation and an extremely compact footprint the civil installation costs are significantly reduced over conventional turbines. The Francis turbines cover flows ranging from 500 to 30,000 GPM and heads from 50 to 570 feet. Adjustable wicket gates maintain efficiency over a wide flow range to maximize power recovery.


Forward‘s systems are built to each customer’s needs. Typical equipment packages include turbine, generator, governor, and control switchboard.

Our experienced mechanical and electrical technical team allow us to provide installation, commissioning, maintenance service all over the world.


Kaplan Turbines are highly site-specific and many variables are considered when selecting the appropriate model. Soar works closely with each customer to understand their site needs and supply the correct sized turbine.

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