Forward Pump Turbines

Francis type Pump as Turbines
Head: 1.7-40 m
Head: 8-120 m
Pipe size: 80-400 mm
Output: 3 kW up to 100 kW

Pump-as-turbines are simple, robust and cost effective. They can be installed in any water delivery network with excess pressure and are well suited for sites which have a relatively consistent flow rate. Pump turbine packages are available for both on and off-grid applications. Power generated can be used locally or sold to utilities for profit.

  • Outputs from 3 kW to 100 kW
  • Highest Efficiencies in the Industry
  • Generator and turbine designed with individual bearing systems.
  • Available as Complete System Packages
  • Minimal and easy maintenance
  • Cost effective and simple solution

Forward Pump Turbine Features

The Francis type Pump Turbines are specifically developed for 10 m to 120 m micro hydropower project of less than 100 kW. With simplified installation and an extremely compact footprint the civil installation costs are significantly reduced over conventional turbines

With an synchronous generator the output voltage automatics maintained, complicated control switchboard is unnecessary! When you partner with Forward on a Micro Hydro Power project you know that our systems will guarantee you solid results.

Complete System Packages

Forward’s systems are built to each customer’s needs. We can provide all accoutrements needed for smooth installation and worry-free reliable operation.

Forward’s typical equipment packages include turbine, generator, couplings, structural steel mounting frames, main inlet valves, inlet and discharge reducers and required interconnection equipment.


Forward‘s systems are built to each customer’s needs. Typical equipment packages include turbine, generator, governor, and control switchboard.

Our experienced mechanical and electrical technical team allow us to provide installation, commissioning, maintenance service all over the world.

Forward® Francis Type

Pump Turbine Systems

Numerous models of pump turbines are available and choosing between them depends on many variables. Forward works closely with each customer to understand their site needs and supply the optimal turbine and supporting systems.

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